Meditation Groups

Regular Sitting Groups

Mid Wales: Llanwrtyd Wells

The group’s focus is on bringing the Buddha’s teaching into daily life rather than on academic discussion. We start each meeting with a 45 minutes sit followed by reading and reflection.

We have been reading Joseph Goldstein’s Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening together since 2017. Sometimes we read a paragraphs, sometimes a few pages, sometimes we stay with the same section for a meeting or two. We are about two thirds through (August 2019).

Please call Ella for further information, 07745905618.


Please email or call, 01646 681015 Nina Pope for further information.

Sanghapadipa Temple – Full Moon Meditation Meeting, South Wales

If you would like to join, please email – Dates and locations provided each month.

Based in ‘Sanghapadipa’ a Theravada Buddhist Temple, our practice is guided by the formulaic teachings of the Pali Cannon. Practice isn’t only solitary – Insight Dialogue is a method that is used within our meetings. Meetings may not always be indoors but involve travel to our temple, outside in the woodland or in a scenic peaceful location across South Wales. Meetings are not constrained by time (come for an hour or stay for six, its up to you)

South Wales

There are a few small meditation groups that meet regularly in people’s houses. To find out more contact Tim or come to one of the South Wales day retreats and let Tim know you would like to connect with one of the local sitting groups.

The Buddha has made the Dhamma clear in many ways, as though he were… …holding up a lamp in the dark for those with eyesight to see form. I go to the Buddha for refuge and to the Dhamma and to the Sangha.
The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha